Enjoy the Many Benefits of Our AutoShip!

Our AutoShip is designed to give you maximum savings and simplify your life.
You will conveniently receive a fresh supply of your products automatically just prior to running out.

  • Easy to Manage: You can always cancel, skip or delay your shipments.
    • Save Time: You never have to take the time to reorder.
    • Peace of Mind: No more worrying about running out of your products.
  • Save Big $$$: You save as much as 50% off the regular price of your products.
  • Never a Price Increase: Your savings are locked in place. Your discounted price will always remain the same.
  • Free Gift: Choose our Master Cell Protector moisture replenishing cream, or Total Body Pain Cream, which will help relieve minor aches and pains, as your FREE gift ($29.95 value) with every shipment.
  • Extended Money Back Guarantee: Our standard 30 day money back guarantee is extended up to a 90 day money back guarantee, depending on your autoship schedule. For example, if your shipments come out every 90 days then you get an extended 90 day money back guarantee.
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